LipSense – Long Lasting Lip Color

lipsenseLipSense® Lip Colors
0.25 fl oz / 7.4 ml
$25.00 USD

The premium lipstick for SeneGence is patented LipSense® Liquid Lip Color and Gloss. LipSense® is an incredible embarkation from traditional long-lasting lipstick and can be purchased in numerous shades. LipSense® is an exclusive lip color which is water-resistant, will not kiss off, smear off, wipe off, or end up on your cup! LipSense® does not dry out your lips like some lip color do. Actually, LipSense® assists in rebuilding the moisture content of your lip area when utilized correctly. LipSense® will last up 18 hours!

LipSense® is sold as a starter kit for new users which includes everything you need for beautiful lips! Additional colors are available along with many gloss options!

Users only need 1 LipSense® starter kit, as the gloss can be used with multiple lip colors! And…the Ooops! remover can too!

LipSense Lipstick Colors

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