LipSense Starter Kit

New LipSenseĀ® users must select a starter collection to have everything necessary for long lasting color! Each collection includes a color of choice, glossy gloss and Remover. Getting started with LipSense is easy! We have 3 collections designed to help start you off right. You only need 1 starter collection, and can add as many additional colors as your heart desires!

Starter Collection Options

lipsense starter collectionLipSense Starter Collection $55

The starter collection includes a LipSense color of choice, glossy gloss finishing gloss, and OOOPS! Remover (an easy way to correct booboo’s).

This is the most popular LipSense starter collection for new users!



LipSense Deluxe Collection $65

The Deluxe collection includes a color of choice, glossy finishing gloss, and FOOPS remover (used to remove your color at the end of the day).

The FOOPS remover will not only remove your LipSense lip color but also your entire face of makeup! This popular collection is for the new or advanced liquid lip color user.


LipSense Platinum Collection $75

The Platinum collection includes color of choice, finishing gloss, OOOPS and FOOPS remover.

This LipSense collection incluses OOPS! and FOOPS remover.

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