thicken eye lashesLastExtend
0.125 fl oz / 3.7 ml
$50.00 USD

Do you have thin lashes? Have you always wanted longer eye lashes? LastExtend can help! No need to struggle with fake eyelashes or costly extensions when you are able to naturally improve your beautiful eyes. Easily apply LashExtend to the bottom of the lashes and observe your own lashes increase in length and thicken. Many users see  25% longer and fuller eye lashes in only two weeks.

LashExtend is available in clear, black and brown.

Application of LashExtend:

Make certain the application of LashExtend to the very base of lashes to ensure that the LashExtend can move right into and between the shafts of the eye lash.

Apply LashExtend Clear before going to sleep and utilize LashExtend Brown Black or Brown for day use. Use both until preferred length is attained ( approximately 25% lengthier lashes ). When the expected affect is accomplished use two times per day two to three times weekly to maintain lengthy luscious lashes. LashExtend Black and Brown may be used right onto skin of eyelid along the base of the eyelash after SeneDerm® SkinCare use and before applying ShadowSense®.

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