LashSense WaterProof Mascara

mascaraLashSense Mascara
0.20 oz./ 5.9 mL
$25.00 USD

LashSense has the similar long-lasting attributes of LipSense. Additionally, it is water-resistant and will not smear off, smudge, or rub off! Available in black or brown.

The Science Behind LashSense WaterProof Mascara

LashSense is not composed of paraffin waxes similar to other waterproof mascaras and will not dehydrate lashes. A combination of nature together with technological innovation, LashSense consists of a variety of natural botanical and scientific components to support moisture, extend, and thicken your eye lashes. The long-lasting mascara keeps your LashSense on throughout the day , while the botanical ingredients assistance lashes which are normally dry and damaged.

How to Apply LashSense

LashSense is put on by gently stroking lashes from the bottom of the lash to the top . For fuller lashes , allow the initial layer to dry before you apply the next . The brush offers simple application for those difficult-to-reach lashes in the nook of the eyes . LashSense mascaras are taken off through the use of our Fooops !®  makeup Remover .

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